Radiology Protocols Platform Coming to the Healthcloud

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Protocol Management Tool Offers Increased Productivity and Better Exam Quality

Radiology Protocols is the leader in protocol management for medical imaging devices. In fact, today they had some news. Its platform will be added to the GE HealthCloud suite of applications. That is, when the Cloud goes live later this year. GE HealthCloud radiology department customers will be able to access it. Then they can use Radiology Protocols’ management platform. Overall, this will provide increased productivity and improve the quality of exams.

Radiology Protocols in the GE HealthCloud

The GE HealthCloud includes a suite of enterprise imaging applications. It provides a robust platform for software vendors. This is to deliver healthcare applications across the healthcare enterprise. This includes large, complex IDNs.

Radiology Protocols offers the most intuitive online platform available in the radiology space. They’re recognized as the industry standard for radiology imaging protocol. The company provides a customizable, scalable, HIPAA-secure hosted solution. It documents, organizes, and tailors imaging protocols. Its platform also allows providers to share best practices across their systems. In fact, instantaneously and seamlessly at that. It will be eliminating paper-based files for this critical information.

The Impact Radiology Protocols Have

“Radiology Protocols is pleased to take its place as one of GE HealthCloud’s early and core applications. As a result, it will enable exceptional connectivity and scalability for customers.” This was stated by Stephen Baker, Founder and President of Radiology Protocols. “This will allow for standardization of imaging protocols across IDN’s resulting in better utilization, sharing of best practices and improved patient care.”

Radiology Protocols’ platform is vendor-agnostic. Allowing customers to utilize the system across different equipment modalities and vendor platforms.

John Kalafut, Imaging Outcomes and Solutions Leader at GE Healthcare, commented, “The addition of Radiology Protocols to the GE HealthCloud adds significant value for our customers. Radiology Protocols delivers much-needed quality improvement tool. One that imaging customers around the world need. A method to define, organize and maintain imaging protocols, for all modality types. On a centralized, web-based platform, at that. It is a vendor-agnostic system. Therefore, it can be used to manage the protocol process by all of our customers. This is a great advantage for everyone.”

Since its inception, Radiology Protocols have had a significant impact in radiology departments. This is by enabling more consistent, high-quality imaging procedures. This enhanced throughput is based on a few things. Such as, speeding examination times, reducing repeat studies callbacks and other inefficiencies. It also offers protocols for patient safety by ensuring radiation dose levels are appropriate.

About Radiology Protocols

Radiology Protocols provides an intuitive cloud-based platform. Health systems and radiology departments can customize, document, and organize imaging protocols. Used for establishing and sharing best practices across the subscriber’s entire network. It improves communication, saves time, money, and improves patient care. All in all, radiology protocols help.

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