How to Nurture Business Relationships

how to nurture business relationships

5 Ways to Nurture Business Relationships

If your company isn’t generating enough net new business relationships, it’s probably because you aren’t nurturing the ones you already have. You have to prioritize your business relationships in order to succeed. When you nurture existing connections, you gain the ability to form new ones. The possibilities for growing your network (and business) are endless. 

Bonding with your business relationships and building a genuine, mutually beneficial foundation is key. You have to be consistent, dedicated, and diligent. But it will all be worth it over time.

Here are five ways Goalpost Group helps you form & nurture business relationships. 

1. StoryBrand Framework 

The StoryBrand framework is the foundation for a clear marketing message and mindset. Through this, you will create a BrandScript which will lay out all necessary marketing messaging. StoryBrand helps your company position your ideal customer as the hero of the story. You are their guide. And, together, you will reach a destination: a solution to a problem and a sale. 

2. Arm Your Champion 

Arm Your Champion is an idea we swear by. You can arm your champion by providing someone you trust in the other organization with a digital version of your message. This will include your knowledge, value proposition, and passion. That way, your champion can pass these on directly to all potential stakeholders without your message getting diluted.

3. Sales Funnel 

A sales funnel is a series of checkpoints a customer passes through on their journey to purchasing your product or service. They do the work of pushing leads, they provide clarity, and they help increase customer retention. At Goalpost, we help you build a sales funnel that actually works. In the end, all successful businesses have a sales funnel. 

4. Content Culture 

Through confidence, contribution, and connectedness, Goalpost can help you create a content culture that drives business growth. Content culture is what builds team ethos, and when done correctly, you can reap long-term benefits. Every individual in your business should feel enabled and empowered to create meaningful content. We help your team understand that their contributions are key to the brand’s success. 

5. Becoming a Teaching Organization 

Lastly, it is imperative that your business becomes a teaching organization. The sharing of information is more crucial to a company’s success than ever. When you offer customers new knowledge, you are setting yourself apart from the competition. In this new sharing economy, your business must become a teaching organization. This goes hand in hand with content culture. By facilitating a healthy content culture, employees will feel compelled to share information and offer new perspectives on your company’s marketing 


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