The Golden Ratio for Business Social Media

The Golden Ratio for Business Social Media

Quality Social Media vs. Spam

Producing Quality Content

Do you ever feel like your social media is spamming people? You’re trying to get out information about your company, but in reality, you feel like all you’re doing is sending out sales fliers. Well, there’s a difference between quality content and spamming people in their feed.

Avoid Spammy Social Media

One of the things that I’ve noticed lately is my social media feed becoming more and more like my email inbox. My email inbox is a little bit too spammy, and when social media becomes that way, that creates a significant problem for businesses. Businesses need social media to be able to get their message out. But there’s a difference between the content being spammy vs. it being of quality. 

Valuable Content : Sales Message

It really comes down to the golden ratio between valuable content that you’re putting out online and your sales message. You still get to have both, but you have to have the right balance between the two. The golden ratio for this is a four to one principle. Four to one simply means that for every five posts you put out, four are going to lead with value.

You are trying to provide value awareness, attention to something that matters to your customers. If you lead with value, you then earn the right and privilege of being able to sell. You still need to have the sales message, because having a social media program without any sales teeth to it is a complete waste of your time. But you need to focus on having that golden ratio of four to one. Value, value, value, value, and then sell.

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