Getting Attention Online: Grow It or Pay for It

Grow It or Pay for It

There are actually two tried and true ways to get attention online, and if you don’t have one, you’re gonna need to buy the other.

Inbound Marketing

About 10 years ago when I was working for another firm, we decided to take the leap into inbound marketing. The most basic form of inbound marketing is answering people’s questions. If you answer the questions of your customers, you’re answering the types of things they’re searching for online. So, not only do your customers have it, but potential customers can find the same answers online. 

Free Advertising

Over the next few years, we were able to produce the right kind of content to increase the SEO searchability of our company’s website. That made a huge difference when it came to the bottom line of the company. To this day, 10 years later, if you look up some of the analytics, you will see that they are getting the equivalent of nearly $200,000 per month of “free advertising”.

The way the calculation works is if they were to spend “pay per click dollars” (Money that you would pay to Google for your website to show up as an advertisement for the online searches that you are looking for) it would cost someone almost $200,000 to match. Those would still only be showing up as online ads! What we did shows up organically, and that makes a huge difference.

The Best Way to Advertise Online

Are you just starting out your company, your website, and your inbound marketing campaign? In this case, you really need to start with spending some of those dollars to start gaining online attention for the questions that you want. As you are nailing down those questions you should also be producing the content that can get you the same type of search results for free going forward in perpetuity. So the two ways that you can get attention online through SEO are: you either pay for it or you build it through content and through inbound marketing. You need to start paying for it and you need to start building content so you are showing up organically in that way going forward.

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