Clarity Is The Key To The Best Marketing Message Ever

Clarity Is The Key To Your Best Marketing Message Ever

Clarity Is What Gets You Customers 

What is the one thing your marketing message needs? Clarity. And we hate to break it to you, but your message lacks clarity. 

First of all, it lacks clarity because it feels hard. Because of this, you and your team will naturally want to shift to focus on things that are easy. Things you are good at. Then, your marketing will end up on the back burner and you’ll stay where you feel comfortable. That just doesn’t work. 

Why Clarity Is Important 

Clarity builds trust. If your customers just don’t “get it,” they aren’t gonna get your product or service. Simple as that. Customers don’t want to buy into something they don’t understand. If your message is vague or confusing, you’re going to come off as untrustworthy. And that isn’t going to convert sales. 

Sure, you can come up with a punchy, quippy line that feels clever and cool … but does it actually say anything about what you do? Does it tell customers how you solve their problems? If not, you might as well be saying nothing.

If you somehow manage to reel someone in with a message that lacks clarity, they’re in for a rude awakening. They’re going to be disappointed … and that’s definitely going to make your customer retention go down. 

In addition, Google likes clarity. People aren’t searching for your cute pun. They’re searching for a solution to their problem. THAT’S what you need to focus on. Want to know the secret? It’s the Storybrand framework. 

How To Use The StoryBrand Framework 

Ever heard of StoryBrand? If not, you should have by now. It’s one of the most popular and effective branding frameworks to use in your marketing. Here’s what StoryBrand is all about: 

  • An effective seven-part framework. StoryBrand uses seven storytelling components to help clarify your brand’s message. This is what you use to maintain a consistent, captivating story for your brand. 
  • A BrandScript. Those seven categories are used to create a clear, concise script that tells your brand’s story. 
  • A sales funnel. This part of StoryBrand encompasses all pieces of marketing collateral that will be used to reel your customers in and help you close more sales. 

Through these three aspects, StoryBrand assists you in creating an excellent customer experience. This will not only get you to successfully close more deals, it’ll also help you nurture meaningful customer relationships. 

What The StoryBrand Framework Is 

StoryBrand uses seven clear parts of storytelling to guide your customers through a journey. And the destination is a sale. When you use this framework, you are able to craft a simple, succinct story that everyone understands. This is a fool-proof method to clarify your brand message. Here’s what the seven-part framework looks like: 

  1. A Character: First, you present your character. That character MUST be the hero of the story. Once you make your own brand the main character, you fail. Your ideal customer is that main character we’re talking about. And in B2B marketing, this needs to be a generalization of your ideal customer’s experience with the ideal version of your company. 
  2. A Problem: That character, your customer, has a problem. You need to introduce that problem. It can be external or internal. It may even be philosophical. It all depends on YOUR brand and what YOU offer. 
  3. A Guide: That’s you. Your character (your customer) has a problem and they meet a guide (your brand) along this journey. Whatever your customer is struggling with, you are there to guide them to a solution. 
  4. A Plan: Once you’ve identified your hero’s problem and gained their trust, it’s time for the plan. As the guide, you have to have a plan. And you need to clearly show the hero that it leads to success. 
  5. A Call To Action: After you’ve presented the plan, your character should be ready to take action. That’s when they’re looking for a “buy now” or “schedule an appointment” button. You have to remember, though, that not every customer is going to be ready to make a purchase. That’s why you should also be thinking about transitional calls to action. Think “download ebook” or “request a demo.” 
  6. Success: Your plan & call to action have to show that they result in success. As the guide, it’s your job to paint the picture of success for your hero. Show them how your brand can solve their problem and change their lives. 
  7. Avoiding Failure: What’s the cost of not doing business with you? What will this process look like if the hero does fail? There’s no story without a bit of conflict. There has to be something at stake for your main character. 

What This Clear BrandScript Achieves 

These seven storytelling components are what make up your clearly written BrandScript. If you haven’t gotten it by now, the BrandScript is your script to success. It’s what’s gonna help you make money. Plain and simple.

It will contain a bank of clear, concise, relevant, and repeatable statements that you can use throughout all of your marketing messaging. 

What The StoryBrand Sales Funnel Achieves 

Sales! It’s in the name, after all. But really, the StoryBrand Sales Funnel gives you what you need to close deals. It includes five components: 

  • A corporate one-liner
  • A homepage wireframe
  • A lead-generating PDF (think sales sheet)
  • A five-email sales-focused campaign
  • A sales letter

So, Why Do You Need Someone Like Us to Help? 

With us, all this stuff is even easier. Goalpost Group is a StoryBrand Certified Expert. We know what the hell we’re doing. We’ve had direct training with Donald Miller, the founder of StoryBrand, and we have access to exclusive resources and a network of other experts. 

B2B companies like yours waste way too much time and money on marketing strategies that just don’t work. We can help with that. We’ll show you how to clarify your message so you can get more customers and close more deals. Consider us YOUR guide in this story. 


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