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Business MRI

Evaluate the health of your business

Are you struggling in the following areas?



sales training

Revenue Generating

sales toolbox

Business Management


When all the parts of your business are healthy and work together, they fuel profitable, sustainable growth. A healthy business also creates a work environment where everyone is engaged and thriving.

Just like a human body, a business needs all its parts to work together. When marketing is weak, sales have to overcompensate. Likewise,
when your mission isn’t clear, it’s as though you’re operating with a confused mind.

How Healthy Is Your Business?

A 15-minute test to determine the fitness level of your business

By taking this assessment you will quickly identify the parts of your business that need immediate attention. When you give those parts of your business the attention they need, you get much better results.

To get started:
• Complete the assessment
• Review your results with a Business Made Simple Certified Coach
• Work with your coach to master the skills you need to improve key areas of your business

Leadership: Mission Statement and Guiding Principles
Are you and your team members on a mission?
Personal Productivity
Are you and your team members able to get more done in less time?
Is your company message (story) clear and compelling?
Are you running a sales funnel that builds trust with customers and brings in revenue?
Are you and your team able to communicate clearly about your objectives or is everybody suffering through boring, data-heavy presentations?
Can you and your team members negotiate well on behalf of the company?
Are you running a proven sales system that increases your close ratio?
Management and Execution
Are you running a series of meetings and using scorecards and worksheets so your team is executing at the highest level?
Are you struggling in the following areas?
What part of your business do you feel the most need?
If you scored 3 or below for any question, you have a problem area and it’s hurting the overall health of your business.You need a plan to help you take control of your business and make it healthy.
Please interact with any of the choices availabe above
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