The 3 C’s of Content Culture

The 3 C's of Content Culture

Supercharge Your Marketing Team in Three Easy Steps

In a recent blog post, we touched on the importance of becoming a ‘teaching organization’. A teaching organization is a company that encourages its team to share their abilities and be generous with their time and talent. To adopt the mentality of becoming a teaching organization, you need “the three Cs of content culture”.

The three C’s of content culture are what I like to think of as the ‘building blocks’ of a great team. In order to see a project through from conception to completion, a team needs a guideline to measure success. The three C’s of content culture are simple, approachable ways to empower your people. In addition, it sets the expectation of greatness.

The Three C’s of Content Culture

Creating buy-in with your team will require more than simply reviewing the content, printing it out and posting it on a wall. Read, review, and share the content with your team in a way that is intentional and meaningful. Ask what these three steps of content culture mean to them. Ask how they can embody the three steps of content culture in their daily work lives.

  1. Connected. Firstly, before beginning any project, you want your team to be connected to the vision of what the content is. And most importantly, you want them to be connected to delivering a dazzling end result. Before you start creating the content, make sure every contributor is plugged in, bought in, and understands their role in taking the project from start to finish.
  2. Confident. Secondly, great work requires a great attitude. In order to deliver strong content, your team needs to be confident and have the tools needed to deliver a great product. Repetition is the key to feeling secure in a role. Therefore, give your people plenty of time and chances to master the art of their craft. Provide generous feedback, equip them with mentorship, and allow them room to make mistakes as they grow.
  3. Contributing. Thirdly, your team members should be putting in work consistently. Ideally, no member of your team is without a job. At any given point in time, there is a skill that requires the input of your copywriter, designer, developer or analyst. A well-rounded team will have a process where the project is refined several times by various sets of eyes long before it ever makes it out the door and into the client’s hands. Utilize your talent. Embrace differing perspectives. And watch how the three 3 C’s of content culture gives you an edge over the competition, every single time.

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